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Cheyan Rhamius Hope
Cheyan Rhamius Hope

Player: RunicKnight


Basic Info

Character Details

  • Name: Cheyan Rhamius Hope
  • Race: Halcyniate Dweller
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5'7" (170 cm) -- 6'5" (196 cm) w/ears.
  • Weight: Now that's personal.
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Skin/Scales: Light Green / Dark Green
  • Allegiance: The Levidian Empire


Cheyan is an anthropomorphic lizard. She has blue blood. There is a violet stone floating above her chest known as her Essence Stone. It is what makes her be. Her soul is stored within it. Don't forget it!


Chapter 2:

Cheyan came to Arcadia in search of her friend who turned out to be Ridley Clayborne, a benefactor to The Celestial Empire by nefarious deeds. She is not clear on what Ridley did in order to become close with the higher powers of the empire. But she's certain if Ridley ever told her, Cheyan would be upset with her.

Round 20: Upon entering Arcadia by means of a undiscovered portal gate in her own world, the first being she encountered was Malcolm. A large cat guy from space. After inquiring about Ridley's location, the large cat grew impatient and dismissive. With some assertion, Cheyan asked again... but it was met by disaster as Malcolm hurled Cheyan from a waterfall where she was knocked unconscious on the way down by headbutting several boulders that got in her way.

Fortunately, after an uncertain amount of time. Cheyan washed ashore close to Arcadia city and with a stroke of luck, it was Ridley who found her.

[retcon] After waking up, Cheyan barked in excitement to see Ridley at her bedside. She wanted to return home with her friend but Ridley refused. Her kind, the varachians Which she has been all of her life, are subject to prejudice back where they both came from and she did not wish to return to it. From now on, Cheyan is under Ridley's watch as a servant to The Celestial Empire.

Round 21: Team up with Panda Ruanda and Ridley against Mina.

After spending some time healing. Cheyan's first assignment as a dog to the empire was to stop a slum-lord at the Oasis territory. This was met in disaster as Panda Ruana turned into a monster... and with the help of Mina and her guardian, Soraya. They all managed to flee.

Round 23: The finale

As a large task force, Cheyan aided Ridley with new found friends, Liza, Leigh, Kensington and the Cyborg Necromancer to The Paranormal and Genetic Research Facilities to A) Obtain any valuable equipment or information regarded the falling Feueresterm faction. B) Destroy it.

Things were going well. Until Ridley literally jumped the gun and set off the alarms by blowing a hole into the labs. The group split up to cover more ground.

Cheyan and Ridley were met by Zenith. Unfortunately, a hallucinogenic gas influenced the couple's perception on Zenith and she was a bee monster. Cheyan freaked out and fled while Ridley and Zenith fought.

Cheyan soon scrambled into a secluded laboratory deeper in the facility. This is where she discovered another Halcyniate much like herself. She tinkered with a computer console before the subject who was being held in a humanoid sized test tube chamber. Ignoring the warnings, she released the lock and the fluids drained to reveal a male Halcyniate within the confinement.

This discovery made Cheyan giddy. She never expected to discover another being like her in Arcadia. Unfortunately, her stay was premature as she was confronted by a large hallucination ghost that prompted her to scramble away.

Right afterwards, the base blew up before her eyes and she was instantly transported into strange new worlds until she found herself in a section of the laboratory with various acolytes and the cyborg sheep on her back. This had to be corrected. So Cheyan helped the sheep up and hugged her.

Soon, Cheyan witnessed a fully armed Radia enter the room. The unarmed acolytes did not have any means to defend themselves but she only seemed to come in to abduct the worst acolytes in all of Arcadia, Johnson.

No one knows why. He is such a loser. Maybe she wanted some really good tea?

Afterwards. The Cyborg Necomancer returned with Arcana, some weird cat-demon lady that was helping him escape the mini-dimensions that were pocketing around the lab. And then Ridley came back! Cheyan was overjoyed! CN left with the acolytes and Arcana stayed with Cheyan and Ridley asking what the next step was going to be.

Well, the next step happened fast. The trio were caught in a sparking explosion which brought them into Hell. The real one! They were surrounded by imps! It seemed near impossible to fend them all off. And CN was next to useless during the struggle because of Ridley's passive ability to nullify all breeds of magic. And so she took it upon herself to act as bait. Much to Cheyan's dislike, Ridley flew off by tempting the Imps with her luscious butt.

Ridley's butt is a power not to be deal with for it pulled all of the imps away with her.

This gave CN his abilities back and everyone worked together in bringing down a large boss demon. Unfortunately, he destroyed the portal gate on top of the Hell tower and their only ticket out of this place.


Luckily, CN had a map handy to get out of hell. This upset Cheyan because they did not even consider looking for Ridley. After all, it was her horny friend that they even managed to defeat that beast!

The map slipped from CN's grasp as Cheyan grabbed a hold of him to plead with the necomancer... and the map fell into a pit of lava.

After being scolded by Kensington, Cheyan went about searching for Ridley on her own but was stopped by Arcana who made is promise with Ridley to see Cheyan out of hell.

And so. Out of hell they went.

Chapter 3:

After escaping Hell. Cheyan mourned. She stayed with The Cyborg Necomancer and Kensington for a time because she had no where else to go. CN had attempted to send Cheyan back home but for some reason, the portal could not hold for a substantial jump.

Resources were needed to built a stronger device to hold a harnessed amount of higher magic in order to keep a portal up long enough for beings to pass through.

Fortunately, after the discovery of The Levidian Empire... those resources became available. But expensive. And so, Cheyan took her leave to the new empire to acquire the material needed for CN.

During her stay, she discovered the parts would take some time to earn enough funds for. And so she took up a day job working as an aviator mechanic high above the Floating Island of the Sun in the Levidian Empire.

She would often write back to friends still in The Celestial Republic.

Note: She remains neutral about the rising conflict between both nations. As a former Runic Knight, she follows a code to rise to the soldier of fortune status when situations call for it. (Goody-two-clompers.)


When armed and ready, she holds a hand-and-a-half sword called, "The Persuader". It has a +9 against Ogres. Also owns a beat-up Rune-Blaster which can shoot magic... but with her aim she destroys stuff rather than stopping her intended target.

Chapter 3

  • She kept her Runic Blade.
  • A large wrench.


  • She is rather active. Great in melee combat. And is surprisingly lucky.
  • Agile. Despite the awkward size of her clompers, she can fit quite easily into tight spaces. This is helpful when she is tinkering with airships as her day job as an Aviator Engineer/Mechanic.


For a species known for its magic abilities, she can only cast very weak to insignificant spells. She's a bit clumbsy and has terrible aim.


She keeps to herself nowadays. Quiet. Hard-working and dedicated to whatever the task at hand is.

Battle History

Winner: Cheyan
Winner: PR, Cheyan and Ridley

Team SLOW: Cyborg Necromancer, Kensington, Liza, Leigh, Cheyan and Ridley

VS Ballad of Buttglasses Dog: Axius, Arcana, Thirds, Zenith, Velvet Starr, Bighead

Winner: Team SLOW'
Winner: Cheyan

Also featuring Vek Vagrante


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