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Character Submission

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Thanks for your interest in joining up in the War For Arcadia! Jumping in competing is a relatively simple process, so let’s get right into it. First of all, you are obviously going to need a character.


Where do I come up with the idea for a character?

Well, anywhere you want to short of copyrighted material. If you submit a fat Italian plumber in red overalls named Jumpman well…there may some issues. Just use your imagination, I mean, that’s what this whole thing is about anyway.

Are there any limitations on my characters?

Technically no, but if you plan on having a moon-sized character that is invincible and bends space and time to his own will you may have issues actually using him practically (as well as people may not want to fight him). Arcadia has been described as a “looney magnet” and that is pretty accurate. The current characters run the gambit from normal humans to vampires to demons to genetic abominations. Just keep in mind as stated before that you will have to be writing and drawing for your character every round, so try to make it manageable.

Can I have more than one character?

Sure. Some people have multiple characters that they will choose between each round or sometimes use all of them at once. There’s no real limitation here, just make sure it is manageable.

About a character on multiple teams?

Unfortunately no. Once accepted, everyone has access to the their respective team’s sub-forum where each team will discuss their specific battle strategies or generally just smack talk about the other teams. Having a character on more than one team would compromise that.

What about switching teams, can I do that?

We would prefer that people stay on their original teams in a hope to build some sort of team camaraderie, but switching teams is a viable option. If you wish to switch teams, you will need to provide the admin with a valid IN-CHARACTER reason for your character wanting to go turncoat. The admin will talk it over with each team’s leaders and you will be notified at a later time if you can make the switch.

Okay, so I have an idea; what do you need from me?

First off, we need to know what your character looks like. The basic requirements are
  1. 360 pixel wide by 750 pixel high full body shot.
  2. A small synopsis of your character. Height, weight, age, race, strengths, weaknesses, brief history, and things of that nature. You can find templates to follow on the wiki or on the forum. - If you want to do a full written history, that’s fine, but it’s not required. You may keep it brief and it may be helpful to us if you saved the longer story for your character’s profile thread. We just need to know a little about your character and what to expect.
  3. A declaration of which side you want to fight for, Levidia or Arcadia. If you are unaware or don’t care, choose “Free Agent” and, depending on numbers for the next round, you will be assigned to a team. For more on the teams, read about them at Teams.
  4. A link to an external art album. This can be a personal website, DeviantArt, Photobucket, ImageShack or things along that line. Try to include sequential works if you have any. We just want to know that you do art on a somewhat regular basis and get a better feel for your style. We hardly ever turn people down based on skill so we’re not looking to judge you.
  5. A short intro comic for your character. Like the link provided, this step is meant to prove that you are serious about making comics. It doesn't need to be an seventy page maxiseries, but show us something of your abilities and let us see your character in action.

And that’s it?

Optional things that you may want to include
250 by 250 pixel mug shot for the Wiki.
Personality synopsis. Ie: How your character would react in a certain situation.
Expanded History. Where you character came from and how they got here.
Introduction comic. How your character came to Arcadia and their motivation for fighting. This is great way to introduce yourself and your style to the community as well.
Expanded physical description. A separate sheet for outfit design, a color sample, facial close-up, description of scars or noticeable markings.

Okay, so I have all that, now what?

Post your character picture and description (the stuff from above) in this forum: [1] ("Character Registration Corner")!

Then your character has to be approved. Members of the approval committee will simply reply with approval or a denial. If a character is denied by a committee member, they must state what the submitter can do to improve his character so that it might be approved. Once a character has achieved three approval votes, it will be accepted. Once accepted, the topic will be locked and the player should submit his character to the Characters subforum.

Do not post a character profile in the "Characters" subforum until after you have been given the go ahead by an admin or moderator and have been assigned a team. At some point it'd be good to make a page for your character in the wiki.

In Short

Create a character, post it in the "Character Registration Corner". Once it's approved go to the "Characters" forum and submit your finished character there, you are ready to fight now.


Tournament rules
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4. Match Assignment 5. Combat 6. Voting
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