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Chapter Two

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The out-of-character term for the second segment of the War for Arcadia, during which The Celestial Empire, under the rule of the Empress Shilane, fought back Feuersturm and its leader Rannesanque. Canonically, TCE were the victors at the end of Chapter 2 and FS were the losers. Chapter 2 immediately follows Chapter 1, and precedes Chapter 3. War for Arcadia's current chapter is Chapter 3. Official registration for Chapter 2 was opened on Tuesday January 13th, 2009. Round 23 ended in August 2010.


Chapter One Technical Wrap-Up

Chapter Two Overview

  • Chapter 2 started with Round 14 and ended with Round 23.
  • Feuersturm (Rannesanque's faction) and the LR-egades (disbanded LR sympathizers) are the two new factions for chapter 2. In line with the story, the Renegades and La Revolution are no longer playable factions.
  • The Celestial Empire continues to be a playable faction, but it is now under the leadership of Shilane after The Celestial's death.
  • Chapter 2 ends with the Celestial Empire defeating Feuersturm. Having achieved peace, Shilane retreates from her leadership position and Arcadia becomes a democracy.

Chapter Two Rounds

Round 14

Round 15

Round 16

Round 17

Round 18

Round 19

Round 20

Round 21

Round 22

Round 23


The player standings during Round 23

The Celestial Empire







No Team (yet)


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