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Captain Squid

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Captain Squid (image drawn by Toji)
Captain Squid (image drawn by Toji)

Player: Munch


General Info

  • Name: Captain Squid
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 145 lbs.
  • Hair: Blonde (Eyebrows Black)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Allegiance: La Revolution

Distinguishing Features

  • Constant cowlick at the front of his hair
  • Eyebrows that are darker than the rest of his hair
  • Slight build
  • The heavy leather glove on his left arm
  • Sideburns extending down to be level with his nostrils


A pirate from the time he was a teenager, Captain Squid gave up his life of violence when, while pillaging a coastal city, he came upon a spice maker's daughter. Enthralled, he kidnapped her and brought her aboard his ship. Promising her jewels, gold, or any other manner of wealth she could dream of, the Captain begged her to be his, only for her to steadfastly rebuke him time and again.

Asking what he could do to make her love him, she began slowly asking concessions of him, all along planning to escape. First, she asked him to allow her to roam the boat freely. Then, when she told him she couldn't stand to be around all the weapons aboard the ship, he threw them into the ocean. Telling him that she much preferred fishermen to pirates, the Captain covnerted his vessel into a humble fishing boat, keeping what crew he could aboard. And though it was absurd, the woman actually found herself warming up to him, seeing a better side of him as he seperated himself from the murder and pillaging he'd so wantonly engaged in before. They fell in love. The pirate-turned-fisherman hauled fish by day, and watched the stars at night. Though he was careful to mind what he caught, always throwing back the prey he found too intelligent, or too interesting to simply hack up for sale at the fish markets; namely dolphins, octopii, and squids. And so it went, with the Captain having a short, but prosperous career.

But, it couldn't last. While they both might have moved past the Captain's old life, others had not. The Celestial's Navy forces, after being tipped off by a dsigruntled pirate who once served under the Captain, attacked the fishing boat in the night. They put all aboard to the sword, save for the Captain, who was forced to watch as his beloved's throat was slit and she was thrown overboard to the tender mercies of the deep. Then, in order to bring back proof that they had slain the once fearsome Captain, now little more than a broken man in both body and soul, they cut out one of his eyes, and cast him overboard, setting fire to his ship.

But, the Captain would not die. Instead, as he sank slowly to the floor of the ocean, he found himself being encircled by tentacles, a massive cephalopod dragging him to the floor of the ocean. With its watery voice squealing through his head, the creature told the Captain that it was aware of the kindness he had visited upon its kind, and the injustice that had been laid upon him. He offered him the chance to make things right. The Captain, half-dead but with a fire growing in his heart, leapt at the chance. A cloud of ink surrounded the Captain, and when he breathed it in, allowing it to enter his water-filled lungs, and spread throughout his body, he found himself empowered with all the gifts of squids and octopii.

Gone is the peaceful fisherman that was. Now, there is only Captain Squid; and if any from the Celestial Empire should see a creaking boat emerging from the horizon, adorned with a jolly roger fashioned after a squid, let them know that death is upon them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Vision; able to see in the dark far better than an ordinary human
  • Squishy Body; his bones having mutated into a softer, fleshier substance, and his skin having taken on a rubbery consistency, Captain Squid is largely unharmed by blunt damage, and can squeeze through small openings easier than an ordinary man
  • Camouflage; like some forms of octopii, the Captain can change the color of his skin and hair, as well as their texture, to blend in with his surroundings. Unfortunately, he must be naked to do so.
  • Regeneration; should he lose a limb or be seriously wounded, the Captain can recover from the injury more quickly than others
  • Water Breathing; the Captain can breathe both water and air
  • Ink Spitting; the Captain can fire a blinding stream of ink from his mouth

Strengths and Weaknesses

Due to the nature of his gifts, the Captain possesses several other unique physiological gifts and curses associated with cephalopods. For instance, while he can use the tiny suckers on his hands to better grip some surfaces, he can also taste through them, making grabbing ahold of foul-tasting or vomit-inducing materials dangerous.


The Captain owns few possessions of note, but has recently begun employing a rusted polearm shaped like a giant fishing hook. And no matter what he's wearing, he always has his left arm and eye covered.

Battle History

Winner: Image:Buttoncel.gifDx2 and Z.J. [1]
Winner: Image:Buttonrev.gifMunch [2]
Winner: Image:Buttonren.gifAnthrax [3]
Winner: Image:Buttoncel.gifNasha [4]
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