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Captain Battle

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Captain Battle. (image drawn by Pandamonium)
Captain Battle. (image drawn by Pandamonium)

Player: AmateurHour


General Info

  • Basic Info:
  • Name: Captain Battle (real name classified, but my money is on Percy)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 205
  • Age: 24
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Allegiance: Celestial Empire


Captain Battle didn't originally have any powers or skills. He was obsessed with strategy warfare games and was an avid collecter of the capcom fighting series. After buying a mint condition Marvel Vs. Capcom stand up arcade cabinet from a Gypsy and paying with a bad check, he was cursed. He was granted superhuman powers beyond measure, but lost most of his intelligence and personality in the process. He now roams different lands, looking for his next "Battle". Every once in a while he regains control of his former self for a brief moment, usually long enough to wonder where the hell he is. He is notorious for botched catch phrases.

After a devastating battle with Pandamonium, battle was turned into his weaker self and soon thereafter killed. He was brought back to life by the Cyborg Necromancer, mean as hell and dumber than ever.

Then! in a shocking turn of events, Ringo Huggins used his mysterious "plot hole" powers to trap the Battle Zombie, stripping him of his undead curse. Captain Battle pulled himself from the spiraling whirlpool of plot continuity error, with all of his original powers in tact, and a new shiny cape to boot.


Strengths: Captain Battle has the ability to fly, and move at amazing speeds. He can also shoot energy blasts from his body, and he has an insane level of strength. PLUS, NOW HE HAS A NEW SHINY CAPE!

Weaknesses: He's as dumb as a box of hammers... seriously... He's just not the brightest crayon in the box. Sometimes he can stammer on with some mixed bag of metaphors and leave him self unprotected. After the brief period as a zombie, he has this strange craving for raw meat or brains from time to time. He lost his sword a few battles ago, so that's gone. I guess that's a weakness.

Battle History

Winner: Image:Buttonrev.gifEnef [1]
Winner: Image:Buttonrev.gifPandamonium [2]
Winner: Image:Buttonrev.gifRabid Peanut [3]
Winner: Image:Buttonrev.gifMonkeyFace and Pandamonium [4]
Winner: Image:Buttonrev.gifQyzex (AmateurHour withdrew due to sickness) [5]
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