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The TinWoodsman and a horde of C3s. (drawn by AnTinwoodsman)
The TinWoodsman and a horde of C3s. (drawn by AnTinwoodsman)
C3s in Round 11. (drawn by baratacom)
C3s in Round 11. (drawn by baratacom)
C3s at the entrance of the Tower. (drawn by Ben)
C3s at the entrance of the Tower. (drawn by Ben)
C3s on board of the airship. (drawn by Naeru)
C3s on board of the airship. (drawn by Naeru)
A C3 without his helmet. (drawn by Sageby)
A C3 without his helmet. (drawn by Sageby)

C3 (Short for Celestial Clone Commando) is the name given to the Footsoldiers of the Celestial Empire. It seems that they are the product of a genetic experiment performed by The Celestial. C3s are humans composed of the DNA of the combatants of The First Tournament. They are most well-known for their plate armors and horned helmets. They tend to be depicted as clumsy, incompetent and easy to manipulate grunts.

General History

C3 Troopers make up the bulk of The Celestial Empire's troops and were first seen in The Celestial's overthrowing of the government of Arcadia. Many questions were asked as to how they came into existence, so The Celestial issued the following memorandum to members of The Celestial Empire.

MEMORANDUM FOR: GENERAL RELEASE in accordance with “Need to Know” regulations
FROM: The Celestial, CEO, CGN Labs
SUBJECT: Celestial Clone Commando Factsheet

I’ve received an alarming number of requests and questions related to the history and/or construction of Celestial Clone Commandos (which will be referred to as C3(s) or C3 Troopers for this document). As they provide protection for our facilities as well as the bulk of our military forces, I believe that everyone involved with them should know the true facts about them, as opposed to hearsay being planted in one’s mind and blossoming into a bountiful harvest of complete crap.

First of all, calling them “Clones“ is a bit of a misnomer and I can be faulted for that. Let me explain a bit of the history behind these creations in an attempt to clear things up.

I am a collector of sorts. Over the years, I have amassed quite the collection of genetic material from various sources around Arcadia. Chances are, if you are reading this memorandum, your genes are on file with our master genetic library. Part of the registration process on the tournament which took place almost two years ago was to have a small portion of blood (or the closest semblance one’s body could provide) drawn. While each member was not told for what purpose, few protested.

As the tournament went on, exact clones were produced of every participating member, but issues were soon come upon. The first clone produced by CGN Labs was an exact duplicate of myself. While production was a success, the end result was nothing more than hardware with no software loaded onto it. Despite what science fiction may say, our memories and learned skills are not copied over into our genetic code. Only after intensive sessions with the clone face to face, as well as time spent in the Clone Observation and Classification of Neurological Skills (COCoNS) unit (later simply dubbed the Cocoon) did the clone actually bear some semblance of being fully functional.

Each later clone was given their own Cocoon and loaded with the bare bones “Operating System” which made them somewhat competent but still ultimately useless. Only a sparse few were given any additional training and survived beyond SPI’s dismantling (present day Spectre-Y being one) near the end of the tournament.

The stark realization struck us. Without the original member’s memories and knowledge of their innate abilities, exact clones were in essence a massive waste of time and resources. Even as the tournament was winding down, myself and some of CGN’s finest minds set about to use what we had available to be able to mass produce platoons as opposed to having a few handfuls of “super soldiers”.

Even though the memories and knowledge of innate skills and learned abilities were not present, the talents and strengths were still there, laying dormant. Strength, resilience, intelligence, all higher than most “common” people. Our task was to attempt to localize these innate traits and extract the genetic code related to it. After we had the cream of the proverbial crop, the next task was to find a practical method of combining the best of the best into one code.

Let me use a simple example. Let’s say you want to make an award winning stew. There are quite a few separate ingredients that are needed. You find the best ingredients you can and mix them all together to make something better than any one ingredient on its own. Your finished product is (hopefully) an amazing product, but too strong tasting for its own good. You need to water it down a bit before you serve it to the unsuspecting populace. Once that is complete, you go about canning the stew for easy distribution. Now, the contents of each can are different. Some may have more meat or more vegetables. Some may be a bit more watered down or a bit too strong tasting. But they are all from the same pot.

That is, in the rawest sense, what we have done with the C3 Troopers and you can see why calling them “clones” is a bit of a falsity. While each C3 comes from the say original “stew”, we have observed a wide variety of troopers produced. Short, tall, strong, weak, black, white, smart, stupid, male, female; each C3 is its own unique product. (A quick note: While the genetic material originally provided comes from varying sources, to include non-human subjects, each C3 produced is distinctively human.)

After the initial creation, each finished product (which at the initial stages is nothing more than a mass of cells) is placed in its own COCoN which accelerates its growth as well as providing the trooper with its basic “operating system”. This process takes approximately eleven weeks. The finished product from this portion gives us a base humanoid with ages ranging from 18-24; capable of anything a human of that age would be able to perform.

These raw “recruits” are then analyzed for areas of expertise as well as defects of genetic deviations. They are then given a number, a name, and sent to the proper division based on their test results. For example, a good portion of the C3 Troopers end up in the ground forces, but some may go to more combat support related roles. The testing and classification portion takes only one week.

The training received at this portion is more or less what you would imagine from a typical military training regime, albeit run much smoother. This is attributed to the same basic OS in each C3. “Bad Apples” are incredibly few and far between and with our intensive training facilities, the average C3 is “street-ready” within twelve weeks.

This places the entire process, from Stew to Street, at around eight months.

This is the simplest and roughest description possible for how the C3 Troopers have come about. If you have any further question, I urge you to read this entire document again. If questions still persist I recommend printing out this memorandum and placing it against a flat, firm surface (such as a wall or desk) and then repeatedly smashing your head into it until the words can have direct contact with your head’s squishy and ultimately useless contents.

Additional Models

C3 Elite squad as they appeared in Round 10. By Einheit12.
C3 Elite squad as they appeared in Round 10. By Einheit12.
  • A C4 Leader Model was introduced in Round 7 by Toji, and has seen some minor use in following rounds.

C3 Liberation Project

Shortly before Shilane resigned her power as Empress, all currently-serving C3 troopers were released from servitude and granted citizenship rights. Those that chose to remain in the military service of the newly formed Republic of Arcadia could still do so by volunteering, but their service was no longer mandatory. Although it was technically Shilane who announced this radical decision, the clone liberation project is often credited as one of the first crowning achievements of the new Arcadian government and has come to represent the new seat of power in the capitol.

In addition to the liberation of C3s, the actual cloning project was entirely dismantled. As far as any normal citizen knows, there are no more cloning experiments that take place within Arcadia City.

The long term effects both socially and economically of the C3 Liberation Project are currently unknown. Whereas the original Celestial Empire had heavy foundations in CGN, CGN's main livelihood (that is, cloning) has been suspended. What the mega corporation plans to do now is yet unclear.

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