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No, No... Bunni is totally IS Faive's mother.


General Info

  • Race: Human/?
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5’1 (156 cm)
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Hair: Med. Brown
  • Extras: A Gear mark on her left cheek


Was:The Celestial Empire

Currently: Feuersturm


Agile, ability to hide very, very, well. Semi-contortionist, plethora of movements. Can fight with anything she gets her hands on, from a machine gun to a pair of underwear. Fights with boxer strength and has good stamina.


She’s only human/? Har har.

Extra Info


She's at times unsure of herself, and doesn't trust her intuition very well. She is dependent on the bunnies for decision making, but sometimes she can surprise them. Other than that she's pretty much a people pleaser, she's just a regular sweet human girl.

  • Likes to look up at the sky alot, eat rice, sweets and learn and ask questions.
  • Dislikes onions, blenders and being eaten.
  • Takes anything that may be useful in the future (recent thievery: Keaton's hover shoes.)

(Note: She's innocent not that sensitive >< stop making her cry dammit.)


  • All dolls can fight alongside with Bunni
  • All dolls are androgynous

They can transform into anything the person (they are with directly or alone) understands. Example: when they are with a gypsy they turn into icons of fortune telling. Dolls are the forms that they use for Bunni since they found her when she was a small child.


Saftey as a Mech (Round 8 and 10), and Safety taking over Bunni after Round 13.
Saftey as a Mech (Round 8 and 10), and Safety taking over Bunni after Round 13.

A green bunny doll with the ability to turn into a mech/robot/suit. Safety can also spin its ears like a propeller, very useful at times.

  • SM can switch command to Bunni or fight by itself.
  • Weakness: Severe damage. Safety will turn back into doll form. Time, Caution, and sewing thread are Safety’s healers.


Bunni in Hazard Mode during Round 13. (Drawn by Nasha)
Bunni in Hazard Mode during Round 13. (Drawn by Nasha)
Bunni in Hazard Mode during Round 10 and Round 13.
Bunni in Hazard Mode during Round 10 and Round 13.

A violent black bunny doll with quite a loud mouth. It has the ability to morph and at times can devour Bunni and transform her into a dark monster. Hazard acts as Bunni's shoulder devil. He also bites...Really really hard. Also believes in population control (ke ke).

  • Hazard Mode: HM is executed by Hazard devouring Bunni. Its…kinda weird. When Bunni is extremely fatigued or injured, Hazard will take this opportunity to change into HM. Very rarely Bunni will choose to be eaten to achieve HM.
  • Made up of the horrors, the darkness and all sinister thoughts of the world, HM is a dangerous mode for everyone including Bunni the host. HM can morph, devour, change consistency etc. At first its cunning and evil and will play with its food. When aggravated (or starving) its drive is incredible; HM wants to consume and destroy everything. Sometimes it would scream “IM SOOOO HUNGRY!!” and will wildly do anything to fill its bottomless belly.
  • The host has little or no control in HM.
  • Weakness: Time. HM only lasts a few minutes but the more times Hazard eats its host, the more time hazard form has; eventually...it'll become permanent.


A shy pale bunny doll with the ability to heal. Caution is Bunni's shoulder angel. It can transform Bunni into a magical girl. Caution often argues with Hazard and vice versa.

  • Caution Mode: In rare cases, Caution will turn Bunni into a magical girl with a magic baton.
  • CM is possibly the most destructive form. A typical magical girl with the power of EXTREME healing! Heals herself and those who need healing. Basically a white mage. A phoenix summon. I think you get it. CM will look different than the original Bunni and acts a bit different too. More chipper and sparkly. Unfortunately shes is blind to the evil of the world she will heal ANYONE. Has a horrible spell which conducts a SUPER HEAL and gives the person who it cast upon temporary immunity. (Mario superstar mode hahaha) But its has a down side. The heal is too much for the body to handle and thus the immunity system completely shuts down. As soon as SUPER HEAL is over, the person is exposed to well...everything.
  • CM’s baton can change sizes in different ways: really long, really short, thin, big etc.
  • Weakness: ? It’s so rare I don’t even know.
  • CM cannot be controlled
  • Appearances: Bunni has not been in Caution Mode so far.


Bunni was once a citizen of Geartown, a mechanical city in the sky. Geartown is a horrible place, where the citizens were taken and ground into fuel for the city. A floating slaughter house, run by The Baron. The Grinding occurs once in a long while, so the citizens try to make the best of the time they have; Living life as regular and frightened town folk. When the time came, hundreds of people were thrown into prisons, and Bunni was one of them. At 7 years old, she was going to die. But instead of throwing her into the giant blender for grinding, The Baron made her watch people being thrown in. After a small struggle between them, out of temper, he pushed her into the vat of human ooze, while it was flushing into the Geartown system. The machine realized there was a foreign object in the fuel and spat her out through a pipe out of Geartown. Bunni escaped from Geartown and fell to the earth below. No one knows how she survived.

How she met the bunnies

The bunnies: Caution (off-white), Safety (green) and Hazard (black).
The bunnies: Caution (off-white), Safety (green) and Hazard (black).

Walking around the new land, lost, confused, injured, and alone, Bunni was soon accompanied by 3 bunny dolls. A black one, a green one and a pale one. They were toys but they were alive! Where did they come from? Were they real? Or were they all in her head? It didn’t matter, Bunni wasn’t alone anymore. Eventually Bunni learned all their personalities, and why they were with her: to guide her. The trauma from Geartown left Bunni with a case of amnesia. The bunnies would have to teach her the ways or good, evil and etc. But its for her own good? or are they using her for something bigger?


Bunni and the bunnies learn from every experience~

Recent Info

During the battle between Gear Gunner and Bunni, Bunni's memory returned, she is a bit confused about her morals; But one thing is for certain, GG is her mortal enemy and if she sees that thing again...its gone.

Battle History

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