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La Revolution's Beatrix.
La Revolution's Beatrix.

Beatrix is a blind musician and she's got a spiffy gun. She is also a member of the team Tainted Eden.


General info

  • Race: Human
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5'8 (172 cm)
  • Eyes: Completely White (No pupils, always wears sunglasses)
  • Hair: Brown


La Revolution

Extra info

Extended Bio

She has been blind since birth as a sort of deformity: Her eyes never fully developed. Embarrassed by this, she has always worn sunglasses (She has a deep fear of people seeing her eyes). Her personality is basically reserved, even around friends she does not talk much and she trusts very few people. She is quiet and only real speaks up to prevent further trouble (If her friends were arguing she'd try to stop them). Her favorite hobby is just to listen to music alone.

Beatrix's gun is a sound-gun. It is connected to her headphones which help prevent her from being harmed by the sound emitted from it. The gun its self is capable of shooting very concentrated sound but she has different 'models' of the gun which shoot differently (For instance one model may shoot sound like a shotgun somewhat). The model she usually has is most like a pistol. It shoots highly concentrated sound that harms the body internally. Hearing is not necessary, as a direct hit will harm pretty much anything organic.

She is in Arcadia with her friends as a ways to make money to continue on their journey. Her group is trying to uncover the mysteries behind an 'underground' society called Rokk.


Beatrix' tattoo.
Beatrix' tattoo.
  • Beatrix is part of a group with her allies Lotos (Leader), Sirius, D, and Emma.
  • Beatrix has a tattoo on her back in the shape of an abstract flower.
  • The side of her gun, the purple boxes move up and down depending on the sound, somewhat like the sound waves in a music program.
  • She is a somewhat good fighter, capable of above average agility and strength. Though she is blind, her other senses aren't heightened by much: Her biggest challenge in a battle is finding her opponent.
  • The sound-gun can emit very small waves which bounce back like radar, telling Beatrix where the opponent is as long as she is wearing the headphones.
  • Beatrix almost always wears red lipstick and nail polish.
  • Beatrixs' hair almost always covers her right eye.

Round Summary

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