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Dr. Axius.
Dr. Axius.

Player: Airlight


General Info

  • Name: Axius
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
  • Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg) [165 lbs (75 kg) with helmet + gas tank]
  • Species: (reformed) Demon
  • Specialty: Medicine/Engineering [Title: Doctor]
  • Faction: Feuersturm, by force.

Physical Appearance

  • Hair: Silver [Premature Gray hair from stress]
  • Eyes: Markings resembling Black Eyeliner around the edges. Silver Iris // or Red, Slit like a cat's. [His eyes shift to red if he is utilizing his electric powers.]
  • Race: [Reformed] Demon / Unknown Ethnicity
  • Physiology: Boyish Physique, Very Slender, Looks Younger than his Age
  • Attire: White Ascot / Calf-Length White Labcoat / Black Double-Breasted Vest / White Button-Down Shirt (Collar Up) / Tan Slacks
  • Armor: Tri-Plated Steel Boots / Black+Golden Gauntlets with Silver Forearm Plating

Demon Form

  • Axius isn't a conventional imp, so his body is somewhat different than the average demon.
  • Epidermis is covered with a thin layer of silver fur for generating static, even though he appears to be hairless.
  • His snout is actually very soft to the touch, and extremely sensitive at the tip. It is really good for sensing smells and detecting subtle vibrations.
  • He can purposely harden the snout to use as a tool, in which it enacts as a "beak".
  • The jagged "horns" are actually antennae, which Axius can manipulate to use as electrical conductors/electromagnets to store and receive charges. Same with his tail.
  • Axius' tail can be used as a prehensile appendage, and even doubles as a whip-like, lightning bolt-shooting weapon.
  • His body, limbs, and claws are optimized for maneuvering across jagged/rocky/rough terrain. They are nimble and adept with delicate motor control.
  • Touch the tip of his spikes, and you probably will get a small shock. The tips of his tail and his antennae are more fatal than the rest of his spikes.
  • Axius can manipulate and control where the discharge of his bodily electricity is directed, so as a friendly party, most likely, you won't be shocked if you shake hands with him, or touch him.
  • At this present state of time, Axius is incapable of freely changing back into his human form. He lost it when it was disintegrated by Bert Gluhlampe in a death laser firing.


Axius in brainwashed state.
Axius in brainwashed state.

Axius is a foreigner from an overseas nation that had been in a constant state of war. From a very young age, he was a prodigy in intellectual and scientific pursuits, quickly becoming a doctor that contributed avidly to his society as soon as he became an adult with his accelerated ability to acquire information. However, a raid of nuclear bombings had left his once rich and high-end nation in ruins, and he was captured by an enemy warship to have his abilities exploited for military purposes. The warship was sunk by a torpedo, and he was found washed up on the shores of Arcadia by Feuersturm Troops. He was donning an iron helmet and a gas tank that was meant to keep him alive from nuclear radiation.

In Feuersturm's time of desperation of fending off The Celestial Empire, they took him back to base to examine him, and upon finding out that he has demonic energy latency, they didn't want to take any chances of letting him go. FS put him through many torture and brainwash sessions to get him to fight for them when he was unwilling.

Instead of freeing Axius from his helmet and gas tank, they enchanted it to keep him under control and doing his duties. His gas tank no longer supplies oxygen now that slots are drilled into his helmet for air, but is dysfunctional, generating and leaking large spouts of cloudy hallucinogenic gas through the horned-piping of his helmet.

During the downfall of Feuersturm Axius was freed from his mask and came back to his senses. Together with some others he was cast into hell through a dimensional rift. In the underworld they fought together to survive, here he formed some friendships, for example with the vampire girl Kensington. After their return and during the years of peace that followed Axius emigrated to the neighbouring country Levidia.

After earning citizenship with Levidia, Axius built his rep in LE as an inventor and scientist rising in integrity and prolificness for those 2-3 years. Although he is a demon imp at the core, he felt like he had something to prove to Levidians; that demons, beings long affiliated with evil doings and magic, can also be competent at scientific practice if they set their mind and moral standards to it, a purpose he could not find from Arcadia's Democracy.

Commiting his mind to intensive and relevant research, and bettering society with new and enhanced inventions and machinery, Axius eventually became reputable and trustworthy enough to the point where he was assigned the oppurtunity to work directly under the late Levidian emperor, and actually became close to him, as well as his main attending doctor-- before he perished after hearing the news of the explosions.

After Ray Crepuscula took over the throne and realized Axius' contributions to better the nation, he granted Axius the position of 'Composer', a very high rank of intellectual power that is just beneath The Head of Divium Stilus. As the growing tensions between Arcadia and Levidia were rising, Axius was requested by Crepuscula to begin researching and studying for the expansion of military and defense developments as a precaution, so Axius is/will be the current brains behind productions of any advanced militarized technology coming out of Levidia. Essentially, he oversees, and gets directly involved into all militarized operations like a general, but more intellectually and technologically.

The Head of Divium Stilus, Professor Bert Gluhlampe, isn't particularly fond of Axius due to being pure-minded for science, and the fact that Axius is essentially an outsider who suddenly rose to power, unlike himself who was from a long line of intellectual family. (The two ironically have quite a few similarities however; fear/disdain of water, genius intellect, and electrical ability). The Prof is actually interested in conducting experiments on Axius to figure out his inner electrical latency as a magical creature, but he has not attempted to tamper with Axius due to the fact that the demon doctor continues to stay beholden to his promises of bettering Levidia's engineering technology and medicine. He also does not want to get on Crepuscula's bad side.


Axius' demon form.
Axius' demon form.
  • Inedia - Can survive without food or drink. Consumption of either can boost his energy and strength though.
  • Extrasensory - His ability to perceive his surroundings go beyond the regular 5 senses. He can even tell if something is coming up from behind him.
  • Linguistic Immersion - He has the ability to grasp the true intent of a person's words just by listening to the sounds, regardless of the language they are speaking. With the same ability, he can also detect if a person is lying or not.
  • Conductor - Can generate electricity and stream currents of it through his body, also making him immune to electric shock. His Sawblade's attacks can be enhanced with this ability. He generally uses this ability to paralyze or frighten an opponent, or weld things together if he gets the urge to build, as well as inject power into a device. He will rarely attempt to electrocute someone.
  • Engineer - Can build/upgrade/fix things in an inhumanly small amount of time as long as sufficient resources and tools are present.
  • Medic - His extensive knowledge of Medicine studies has allowed him to become an effective person at knowing how to tend to a wound quickly so it heals faster, or identify diseases and their cures.


Fast Reflexes, Dexterous even with Heavy Weapons, Extremely Agile on his Feet [Axius converted his strength back into pure speed after losing his helmet/tank. Strength was a necessity to uphold his armor coverings.], Highly intelligent/sly/strategic, Resistance to Fire.

Demon Form

As a demon, Axius is actually physically stronger overall, especially with a more anatomically developed physique than his human form. His electrical abilities, motor abilities, and his sensory abilities are amplified significantly as a demon. He has also appeared to develop a natural 'healing' power over the time his demon form was dormant behind his human form. The rest of his abilities are generally retained.

Human Form

MEDICAL SCIENCE, ELECTRICAL/MECHANICAL ENGINEEERER, can invent and construct a la Mcguyver style, electric-powered/immune [eye-color turns a glowing red when he uses electric, but he can retain his silver eyes if he's not expelling alot of electricity], omnilingual, natural lie-detector, extrasensory, perpetual internal energy, dexterity, agility, highly intelligent/sly/strategic, fire-resistant, inedia, sawblade soldier.

His newfound political strength will also give him some privileges over controlling Levidian technology and empire-level buildings, but it is mostly focused on military composition and its weaponized and defensive research.


Physically Fragile Body, Very Dodgy and Un-Confrontational in Battles, Easily Seduced by people that are HOT (let's just say his taste is extremely versatile, applies to all things/gender. Only applies if person presents themself in a very lusty manner to him), Can have sensory overload if not careful (usually vision/touch/hearing), Eyes are extremely nearsighted and near practically useless asides from use in intricate activity. He relies on his glasses to retain any clear vision of his surroundings (They support his third eye too), Cannot Swim & Hates Water

Weaknesses in brainwashed state

  • Fragility - Will go down easily in a fight if his physical body is hit.
  • Weight - The helmet and tank is taxing for him to wear, so he is very slow in evasive movement with them on.
  • Brainwashed Pawn - Can't actually utilize his natural intellect for moves, so he has no sense of planning, strategy, or communication

Demon Form

Demon: Less fragile than human form (since his human form was essentially a shell), but he is still not the most durable being. Holy water seems to do alot of damage to him, which even moreso justifies his general fear and hatred of water. Being submerged in water entirely discombobulates his electrical control, which makes his body go physically haywire and difficult to move, making him practically useless in water unless he has some sort of flotation support. Axius is even more easily seduced by hot things as a demon. Eyesight is sharp in demon form, unlike human form.



Given to him by Feldspar. Constructed of Iron/Steel Composite. 30 lbs / 14 kg

Compared to most weapons in Arcadia, it is pretty ordinary in material and functionality.

A Rotary Feature is present, but Axius rarely uses it unless the opponent is difficult to cut up. He has no difficulties operating this weapon extremely fast.

Even though it's more of an inconvenience for him to hold onto this weapon, Axius keeps this Sawblade as a reminder of what he had been forced to do. He also keeps it because he's fond of the design.

Chapter 3

His original iron sawblade has been modified and upgraded in material to titanium alloy with diamond inlays and edges ( how so in design, I haven't decided yet ) Its blade(s) have been designed to enhance electrical current and flow, as well as amplify magnetic strength when energy is applied. It also doubles as a vehicle. (motorcycle/skateboard configuration)


Appearing to have a collected exterior, Axius is essentially a polite and gratituous gentleman who behaves maturely, and harbors an intelligence well beyond his 18 years of living. He is an efficient and sincere person. Unlike alot of scientifically-oriented people, he does not indulge in superflueous display of his vocabulary and knowledge unless asked for it. He loves people and listening to them speak, and would rather talk about them rather than himself. Full of energy, Axius also cannot resist any oppurtunity to build new devices, upgrade, or fix things regardless of situation and location, as his hands cannot keep still. He is sly and can usually make the most out of a situation with his quick thinking.

Axius might have extreme freakouts with little warning (anxiety, excitement, perversion, distress, etc), when the moment is appropriate, then suddenly go back to his original personality. It only happens from time to time when the moment potentially could offer such an opening and it typically doesn't last long. He tries his best to keep this side of him under control.

Energetic gentleman with an intellectual capacity beyond his years. Polite, reserved, and efficient; he is not interested in rambling pointless technical jargon, loves hearing out other people and talking about them than himself. Jumps at any oppurtunity to be inventive or constructive. Random, occasional spastic moments for no apparent reason.

His new rise to power in Levidia has caused him to take on a more authoritative and confident demeanor, but he still acts surprisingly courteous to the needs of others without managing to abuse his authority. He is vulnerable to being overstressed by the demands of the people come wartime, however.

Demon Form

Far more impulsive, emotional, and spontaneous than his human form, his demon form relies more heavily on sensing and acting-in-the-moment due to the nature of his species (demon imp). Axius is notably more courageous and aggressive, even more mischievous and playful, than his coy and gentlemanly human form. This doesn't mean he is incapable of rational thought, but his moral boundaries are much looser as a pure demon.

Note on personality in brainwashed state

Until the middle of Round 23 he has no personality. He is extremely quiet and seldom speaks while he is in a brainwashed state so as long as he wears the altered helmet he will be very loyal to FS and follow all orders unflinchingly and take immediate action.

An important thing to note is that he's always had a 'hard to trust' aura, so when people see or draw near him, they tend to fear him or back away from him; mixed in with the hallucinogenic gas that constantly leaks from the tank pipes, when breathed in, will cause horrific visual and auditory distortions of his appearance and demeanor.

Battle History

Mini Battle / Strike Team
  • Round 28 war story: Reunion & Recovery: Trilogy End [4]

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