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This Page deals with the Character. For the player, see User:Astorite.

Astorite was a tall, handsome fellow with Captain America's bitchin' shield from WW2. He liked to use the shield for anything but what it was supposed to be used for, like as a plate or something. He had a cool coat and wore a hat. Astorite had an alter ego called the Farceur, which was a being that had strange dream-like powers and could manipulate people like a puppeteer. Cap'n Squid was upset because he felt like he was being tag-teamed in Round 6 and so Anthrax and Astorite fused into Antor. Anthrax and Astorite were then stuck in the Dreamscape fishing, so they decided to get out after a brief run-in with Farceur.

Astor is now a relatively unchanged fellow, except his hat has turned into a beanie, his cool coat has lengthened and gained armoring properties, and he no longer has his alter ego Farceur. He does wear some pretty sweet gloves now, and kicks with some styling boots.


General Info

  • Race: Human
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
  • Weight: 145 lbs (loabs) (66 kg)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde


Used to serve in various Militias and as a bodyguard/gun for hire, so he's an expert at many military tactics and knows weapons your grandfather used. He's very fit and also managed to get some super-serum injected into him once or twice that helps his health regen and strength. Astor doesn't cast a shadow either.

He could transform into Farceur at one time, but later killed it off.

The battle with Farceur seems to have strengthened Astorite's base abilities of regeneration and strength, also increasing reflexes and eyesight.

Astor can now control his shield by will, both movement and structure. His coat seems linked to his body rather than being a simple clothing accessory, also armored past a point of simply bulletproof.

He has also found that he can nullify powers, gaining those powers while in control of the host's body. For weaker willed opponents he can control them from fifty meters more or less, but for greater enemies he must be within ten feet, or even have a physical contact. This control can be broken if Astorite is startled or physically disrupted, and the host does not lose powers of mobility or strength.


Despite his powers, he's still a pretty normal dude and could be killed if shot or stabbed or beat up enough. Also, he now seems a bit sensitive to powerful energies, though it doesn't weaken.



Extra Info

He has a shield.

His powers do not work on Anthrax.

Round Summary

See The Radtastics

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