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Asisa in two different outfits. The one on the left protects her sensitive eyes.
Asisa in two different outfits. The one on the left protects her sensitive eyes.

Player: Elyan


General Info

  • NAME: Asisa
  • AGE: ?
  • ALLEGIANCE: Levidian Empire
  • Occupation: Mercenary/ Soldier of "LiSt"


Asisa is a very silent person. She doesn´t talk much, so most her replies are "...". She doesn't really hate other people but she doesn't like most either. So she is a lone wolf.

If she sympathizes with someone ... wait ... I can´t remember that ever happened. Dunno what happens then.

She easily gets rough to clear her way and in a fight she tends to be very offensive and brutal. She just kills her opponent when she's forced to or hungry. That happens quiet often since she's hungry most of the time and her composure is not good.


She controls a grey/black mass that includes these orange gemlike orbs. She can form anything out of it that she can think of... but since it produces just a soft strong fabric-like material it cannot be used as a weapon (maybe a whip xD). She forms mostly her clothes out of it.

At day she wears a full-body dress/cloak. But getting in touch with sunlight would NOT result in an spontaneous explosion or some extreme effect to her body cause that is bullshit in my eyes. She has sensitive skin and gets a sunburn very fast but no way she'll be set on fire by sunlight. Maybe it will exhaust her.

Being a vampire is what makes her dangerous on the battlefield. It makes her stronger and faster than an averange human and she is also well trained.

Mild mutation is also one of the abilities of her kind of vampires. It takes time (little changes take a day (gills in Round 24), major changes that include additional mass take weeks) but she can change the form and structure of her body.

Healing: the process is significantly faster than the healing of humans. Injuries of the skin can be closed within a few minutes while deeper wounds take up to a day. Severe injuries take a few days to weeks depending of how much blood she lost.

Perfect Sight: at least at night/darkness. Since her eyes are very sensitive she has to protect them from any significant light source.


When she heard the rumours of the upcoming war between AR and LE she decided to join the fun. She works on her own most of the time but will join LE if needed.

She gets errands from the LE higher ups due to her contact man. She communicates with him through a communicator which she carries along. Of interest is here that she usually just listens to him since he tends to read her mind directly, the littly psychic asshole(as she thinks of him).


A little info about the kind of her race of vampires (lol like its a important thing):

I run with a theory that vampires get changed after the infection with a alien micro lifeform, this causes the mutation which alters organs and changes the flesh and bone structure.

For example most of the bonemark becomes unfunctional while an organ grows that changes the structure of the blood she consumes. So while not producing enough blood themselves they need to get it from others. They still need to drink and eat.

This causes the following abilities:

  • Mild mutation ability: vamps can change their bodies by will to whichever shape or organ they need but this takes quite a long time like days to weeks.
They also can create lifeforms from their flesh which is an art itself and not often practiced. These function on instincts and don't have a consciousness of their own.
  • Regeneration: not super fast but fleshwounds heal within days and cuts and stabs can heal within a quite short amount of time but not immediately.
  • Mild psychic abilities: not necessarily but some individuals get access to psychic powers.
  • Long life: since they can practically regenerate every organ from their body they are sorta immortal, it's one of the things that are not really controllable and often result in memory loss and personality change where they go insane after some time. Therefore most vampires supress the massive proliferation and regeneration of braincells which works more or less.
  • They usually just need to drink every few weeks.

Combat History

Winner: image:Buttonarc.gifBen & Five [1]
Winner: image:Buttonarc.gifFive [2]

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