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Ashley Longhorn

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Ashley is an ogre. But not just any ol' ogre. You see, he's a pretty, GAY ogre. That's right, he loves men. But don't let that fool you. While he may love fashion, and bunnies, and of course, other dudes, he's no pushover when it comes to fighting. Being an Ogre, he has above average strength, and always uses this to his advantage. He also sometimes carries with him his made-from-scratch "Fire-anything-bazooka" (FAB). Simply insert any solid object down barrel, pull the trigger, and fire! But watch for fire escaping out the back during the blast.


General Info

Extra Info

  • Ashley likes his men sexy, rugged, and ready for action.
  • Ashley's clan tried to help him fit in, despite his differences, (not many Ogres are gay, ya know?) But ultimately, Ashley felt too lonely/separated/different and left his clan to venture the world.
  • Ironically, Ashley's horns or shorter than the average ogre horn.
  • Talks with a slight accent. Example: "I likes ta flirts with all da guys"
  • Ashley is a mercenary.
  • Ashley is also somewhat of a mechanic/inventor. He likes to tinker with gadgets and stuff, and he created the FAB.
  • Ashley, being an ogre, has "Ogre Rage". When severely angered, or in life threatening danger, Ashley will go beserk, and gain a boost in power. Random physical (in one case, mental) traits happen when Ogre Rage activates, but only one trait activates at a time. Examples are:
Red eyes; Sharp claws; Increased muscle mass; Horn growth; Fangs; Turning heterosexual (seriously XD).

Round Summary

Round 8: Ashley & Moon Yu Vs. Captain Battle

Forum Thread

Ashley traveled to the Island Resort with his friend Moon Yu, where they encountered Captain Battle, in all of his insanity. After summoning the zombie of Chris Benoit (who was easily thwarted by Ashley and Moon), Captain Battle took Ashley and Moon to court, and had them put in jail. Ashley used his Ogre Rage, and broke down the jail wall, escaped, and sent Captain Battle flying back to TCE (with the help of an uprooted palm tree).

Round 9: Ashley & Brint and Meekus Vs. Bunni

Forum Thread

Ashley had been given the task of showing the two new LaRev members, Brint and Meekus, the ropes. They were sent the Caverns, to protect it from any TCE members. They were ambushed by Bunni, her Bunnies, and a plethora of Blitz Bots. Ashley tussled with Safety Bunny for a while, before Safety followed Bunni inside the cavern. Ashley took pursuit, and ended up accidentally ramming into Bunni, knocking her off the cliff, and ultimately providing Hazard with the chance to eat her. Bunni went Hazard Mode, and fought with Ashley, while Safety stole the information on the LaRev Regeneration Project. After Bunni returned to normal, Ashley simply let her go, stating that he has the right to refrain from fighting women written into his contract, thus allowing Bunni to escape with the info, and ultimately, the territory of the caverns.

Post round 9/ The Rebellion:

All of LaRev was called to a meeting at HQ. Ashley, being a mercenary, wasn't required to attend, and thus went exploring out in the jungle. He came across a TCE mobile base, and entered, ready for battle. He found no signs of TCE forces, and ultimately, checked the place out. A while later, The Ghost arrived, along with Golias, and Ashley explained why he was there. Ghost made an announcement over intercom that LaRev is in a state of shambles right now, and anyone wishing to turn this pathetic state around, and work together to annihilate TCE should join The Rebellion. Ashley was invited into The Rebellion, and he accepted, on one condition: That he could be the pilot for The Rebellion. Ghost agreed.

Round 10: Ashley & Ringo Huggins Vs. Geit II

Forum Thread

Ashley and Ringo Huggins departed for the Residential Ghetto, where they had been sent to attack by Ghost. Guarding the ghetto was The Empire's newest monster of a member, Geit II. Ashley and Ringo, driving a Rebellion recon jeep, drove right into Geit, yet, did not even harm him. A battle ensued, with a truck full of illegal drugs being turn apart. Ringo had his way with the drugs, and proceeded to hallucinate and such. Ashley and Geit continued the battle, until Ringo Huggins' past future self came to stop the future future Ringo. They battled, while Geit and Ashley had a 'stunt off'. Then, Ringo and Ringo fell off a building, crashing into the ground below, and exploded. Just then, portals started appearing everywhere, and out stepped Ringo's from different times and dimensions. Along with the Ringo's came Ashley from the future. Present day Ashley and Future Ashley proceeded to make out, which turned on all the Ringo's, who proceeded in having an orgy. part way through the orgy, a bunch of ThatOne's podlings came through a dimensional rift, and joined the orgy. Solid Snake explains to the reader that having an orgy with different time and space versions of yourself will ultimately erase you from history. And with that, Ringo Huggins was erased from life, and from everyone's memories.

Round 11: Ashley Vs. Kameshi and Rannesanque

At the Oasis. [1]

Round 12: Ashley & the Hate Team Vs. the Cyborg Necromancer

At the Stadium. [2]

Round 13: The Team vs the Knights Apocalyptic

At the Rebel Base [3]

Round 14: Shilane, Kelar and Ashley vs Rin and Meg

At the Highway [4]

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