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Player: Phoenix


General Info

  • Name: Arcana (usually just referred to as Arc)
  • Height: 5'7 (170 cm)
  • Weight: Average
  • Age: Who knows, but she appears to be around the 19-21 range.
  • Race: Demon
  • Allegiance: Feuersturm


She is really quick, stealthy, and at the same time she has a lot of power backing her up. Her primary method of attacking is using her right arm, which she turns into a gigantic claw-like super arm of doom. This is her strongest form of attacking as well, seeing as she gave part of her power to Thirds to keep him alive. Other than that she can shapeshift into pretty much anything...


...but when she shapeshifts into say, a weapon - the attack power of that is -severely- weakened. She is also recognizable when shapeshifted, since the object she turns into looks exactly like how her arm looks whenever she transforms that. She can't completely mimic an object's physical look due to giving up power to Thirds.


She is easily amused and thats the reason why she sticks with Thirds, she thinks he is amusing. Though over the time she spent with him she considers him as a friend more than a form of entertainment. Arc doesn't live by any set of rules, and often will disregard them if given to her. This doesn't mean she has no morals, since oddly she does for certain things, but when she makes up her mind on how she wants to do something then that is how she will do it. She doesn't mind having to kill, she also doesn't mind if its done brutally or quick. But this is pretty much how she is with everything.


To make it short, she is a demon thats existed for a long time in Arcadia, mostly keeping to herself and because of that there is no record of her. She happens across Thirds, saves him, travels with him and shazam there we go.

Battle History

Winner: image:Buttoncel2.gifBen [1]
  • Round 23 at the Paranormal and Genetic Research Facilities of the Feuersturm Base: Team Slow v. The Ballad of Buttglasses Dog [2]
When Thirds dies in this battle Arcana is whole again.

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