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Aoi is a blue-haired sorceress who's not afraid of physical combat.

Aoi is a member of The Celestial Empire and is drawn by Horokeh.


General Info

  • Name: Aoi (short for Aozora)
  • Age: 30 (21 in appearence)
  • Race: Selenite
  • Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
  • Allegiance: The Celestial Empire


  • Level headed and strong willed
  • Manipulative nature
  • Thinking, calculating, prone to use logic first


  • Impacient & Intolarent
  • Tends to take herself too seriously
  • Does not know how to trust (those which she has been sent to betray)

Extra Info


Aozora comes from a faraway world, her past is shrouded in obscurity to those around her, except for her mentor the witch Zcinegra and her recent partner doctor Jurgen. She conceals her identity with the pseudonym Aoi; she is a skilled witch and a dimensional traveler. Years of imprisonment in the isle of damned and her powerful ancestral blood have preserved her body in the state in which she is now. She comes to Arcadia with her own agenda, to steal a mysterious artifact that will help doctor Jurgen imprison unique souls, which will help mold her universe in a not so distant future; The artifact’s actual appearance is not known to her, yet she’s been given this specific task. She must not waste time and she cannot fail; she must infiltrate the most powerful faction in Arcadia and search for the artifact, and bring it back to her universe.


Aoi's race (Selenite) was blessed by an ancient goddess long ago with the duty to protect their world, being the pillars that sustain the world together. Eras past and the race had forgotten its heritage, with the joining of one of the Selenites with a royal prince; the future members established a royal government.

One of the traditions within the royal family was to train its members in sword skills. After a series of events Aoi was imprisoned in the isle of damned for grave sins committed in her home world. During her imprisonment Aoi was part of a select group of condemned, intergraded by 12 members, they were trained by the ruler of the isle in magical skills as part of their rehabilitation. But thanks to Aoi being part of the Selenite race, she scaled the group's hierarchy with ease, having innate magical skills and the ability to travel through worlds, an ability that was mastered and channeled thanks to hard training. With her new found skill she was able to free herself from the Isle, having her name erased from the records to keep secret her disappearance. With her escape she was associated with a power being from her universe, Dr. Jurgen, serving as his bodyguard. She goes on missions to seek objects precious to Jurgen. So...

  • Able sword fighter
  • Wide array of magical spells and skills
  • Agile

Round Summary

Round 11: Aoi vs. Keaton Skygunn

At the Desert [1]

Winner: Aoi

Round 12: Aoi and Aine vs 2.0 and Gadgeteer Kenji

At the Blossom Field [2]

Winners: Aoi and Aine

Round 13: CACA vs Burning Vigour

At La Revolution HQ [3]

Winners: CACA

War Story: Post Round 13

What happened after the fall of the LR Castle, and why Aoi and Aine parted ways. [4]

Round 14: Aoi vs. Gear Gunner

At Hospital [5]

Winner: Aoi

Round 15: Aoi vs. Arrow

At Residential Apartments [6]

Winner: Aoi

Round 16: Aoi vs. Lionne the Lich Queen

At Ghost Town [7]

Winner: Aoi

Round 17: Aoi & Cyborg Necromancer vs. Aine, Shawn and Dexter

At Volcano [8]

Winners: Aoi & CN

Round 18: Aoi & Aine vs. Tal Sopher

At Highlands [9]

Winner: Tal Sopher

Round 19: Aoi, Aine & Maja vs. Captain Ship & Patches

At Waterfall [10]

Winners: Aoi, Aine & Maja

Round 20: Aoi & Aine vs. Arrow, Corona & Ambrose

At Convention Center [11]

Winners: Aoi & Aine

Round 21: Aoi vs. Ankh

At Mines [12]

Winner: Aoi

Round 22: Aoi vs. Skull

At County Fair [13]

Winner: Skull

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