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Ankh is a member of Feuersturm and is drawn by ThatOne


General Info

  • Real Name: David, as he learned recently, but his new transformation makes the name irrelevant
  • Age: 18 or 21, he doesn't remember
  • Race: Demon
  • Job Description: Diabolist
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Allegiance: Feuersturm


  • True Sight- Though Ankh is blind, his divination abilities allow him to anticipate his opponent and scan his surroundings. Illusions don't appear to have any affect on him.
  • Diabolism- Ankh is proficient in rudimentary dark arts magic. This includes minor spells of hellfire, shadow, subterfuge, and trickery.
  • Demon Summoning- Ankh's ability to summon demons is still his primary form of attack. He has developed some control over his summoning abilities.


Ankh is still weak against the opposite sex. As a lesser demon, he has aversions to holy objects and such. He is also blind and mute which makes communication a problem.


  • Niklix- When David sold his soul to Os, the guardian angel assigned to him was unable to earn his wings. He still hangs around with Ankh, though he offers little assistance. He has his projects. He is invisible to everyone but Ankh and other Celestial beings.
  • Os- Devil overlord that has control over Ankh.


He often second guesses himself. Having no memory and an external consciousness, it's easier to follow his baser emotions. He's not so much perverted as very weak against members of the opposite sex.


Slave was the title given to the boy who gave up his life, his soul, and his memories to become a powerful diabolist. The devil overlord, Os, gave him the power to control demons in exchange for his allegiance. Every 6 days he was given a task to complete. Failure resulted in dire punishment. So he was ordered to follow the Scarlet Crusader and fight his war. He proved to be a useful general for a few years until his battle with the renegade Earthworm Adam destroyed the doll that contained his soul. His soul went to hell and his body died. Shortly thereafter, Slave returned as the demon Ankh.

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