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Amy is the daughter of Ba'al Benelor, master and best buddy of Xandriel.

Character by Pandamonium.


General Info

  • Name: Amelié Benelor
  • Height: 170 cm (5'7")
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Hair: dark blond
  • Eyes: the bluest blue you could imagine
  • Age: 17


Chapter 1: La Revolution, Chapter 2: Feuersturm

Extra Info

She just graduated the 10th class of the "Arcane University" and was released into summer holidays, so she thought she could pay her daddy a visit ending up in the stadium where she helped ol' Sin a bit by teasing Spectre-X. After this "best concert ever" she ran into her father which took her to the library at the LR-Base. There Ba'al rejected her wish to fight and gave her home arrest until he returned from Deaths birthday party. This was the time when she found a spell book about time travel which she instantly wanted to use - and so she did . She ended up in the future where she met Lucy, the future daughter of Sin and Xandriel.

After Round 13: Amelié joined the forces of Feuersturm mainly because she wants to help Admiral Stein, who saved her life back at LR-base. So she has a grudge on the Revolutionaries AND some open business with the Celestial Empire. She also wants to unravel the mystery behind the disappearing of her father and Xandriel.


Amy is a very talented mage and is able to cast nearly every spell you can imagine in your life...of course she doesn't have much experience so her spells aren't as powerful as they sometimes should be...


Never gives up. She is the wielder of strong magic, as such she is capable of using all seven trees of magic.


Large spells drain much of her power. She's just a 17 year old normal human girl.


Amelié herself is a very weird person, she is stubborn like a rock and sometimes very, very pissed. This probably comes mostly from puberty but otherwise she is a very nice person.


Lucy, Candy, ice-cream, popsicle, magic, ROCK N' ROLL, cookies.


No candy, being made fun of, school, hip hop, public transport.

Battle History

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