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Agent Ambrose

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Player: Garrett


General Info

  • NAME: Agent Ambrose
  • AGE: 31
  • HEIGHT: 5'10" (1,78m)
  • ALLEGIANCE: LaRenegades (Dimensional Templars)


Ambrose was assigned to Corona Payton's ongoing mission in Arcadia. The Dimensional Templar ruling High Council is aware of Corona's habit of over-zealous control. As a result they placed Ambrose as a set of watchful eyes over Corona's mission. Since arriving however, Corona has already made him her plaything and now feeds the council falsified reports through Ambrose.


Ambrose grew up in a wealthy family and received top schooling. In his early twenties he was identified by a government agency as a budding psychic. Ambrose was enlisted as intelligence operative and given years of advanced training and Gene therapy to hone his psychic talents.

He usually appears calm and reserved, however his mind is often very busy observing everything around him. He strives for excellence in everything he does, often to a fault.

Since being romanced, then later seduced by Corona, he formed very strong feelings for her. Of the few things that would break his cool would be Corona in serious danger, or a sever f$@k up during a mission.


Ambrose is slightly below average height for a man. He caries himself with poise and dignity, and has a scholarly look to him. He is not very intimidating but he does his best to look like he is in control at all times.

There is a psychic catalyst around his neck that serves to focus Ambrose's future sight. With it he is able to clearly see up to a few seconds into the future.


  • Ambrose is a clairvoyant. He often gets flashes of insight into the past and future of an item by touching it. He can get short glimpses into the future or past when he focuses, but the future is often very muddy. Often he can use the short range sight of the future in a defensive manner to dodge blows delivered by an opponent. Ambrose also occasionally gets psychic signals from nowhere or from other psychics, picking them up like a psychic antenna.
  • Ambrose has improved speed and reflexes from years of Gene therapy. He's not much of a fighter, but he has been trained in self defensive maneuvers. Most of his fighting moves involve debilitating the enemy using throws or pins.
  • Ambrose's suit contains a thin poly-carbonate nanoweave that gives him basic protection from small arms fire.
  • Ambrose carries a Gauss pistol.


  • Ambrose is not a fighter. Against a physically strong opponent he would have a very difficult time if Corona was not present. He relies on her (and DT soldiers) for protection in more intense combat situations.
  • His psychic abilities are useless in offensive combat. They only help in defense and intelligence gathering.
  • He's a perfectionist and he is also emotionally wrapped up in Corona.

Battle History

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