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Alexei is Katerina's easygoing older brother, who spends his time wandering from place to place. Good luck is always on his side, and he can rely on it to get him out of difficult situations. As a result, he's fairly clueless, and a little crazy. He also has a thick accent and broken English.


General Info

  • Race: Human
  • Accent: Sovjet
  • Hair: Black
  • Special Trait: Moustache

Battle History

Round 8: Katerina and Alexei vs Ahote

At The Iceberg. [1]

Round 9: Katerina and Alexei vs Jane B. Browning

At The Sunken Wreckage. [2]

Round 10: Katerina and Alexei vs Captain Squid and Slim-Jim Peterson

At The Fishing Village. [3]

Round 12: Alexei and Polar Pal vs Kensington

At The Residential District (High-class). [4]

Round 13: Team SRSLY??? vs Gear Team

At The Rebel Base. [5]

Round 21: Katerina and Alexei vs Ashleigh James and Zippy

At The Blossom Field. [6]

Round 22: Katerina and Alexei vs Gibson V

At The Waterfall. [7]

Round 23: Team SCAN vs Team Ladies

At The Crimson Tower. [8]

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