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Aine with her demon pet, Eddy.
Aine with her demon pet, Eddy.

Aine is this crazy girl who studies magic. She is accompanied by her demon pet, Eddy, who is along for the ride. She's BFFs with Aoi.

She is a member of The Celestial Empire and is drawn by Patent Pending


General Info

  • Height: 5' 6" (168 cm)
  • Hair: Maroon/Reddish
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: 19


  • Aine is being taught magic by Aoi. It's going as well as you might assume. (Read: not) The spells she's learned so far are:
    • Cerasifer, a blue flame spell.
    • Mimulus, a purifying wind spell. It's mostly used defensively. (deflecting projectiles, confining an enemy to a certain place, etc. etc.)
    • She is still learning though, and usually has a spell book (Magic For Retards) with her. There is always a chance she may not fuck up some other spells!
  • Her training at the temple has given her superior agility, balance and dexterity.


  • She's only human.
  • She's fairly clumsy.
  • She's fairly dumb.

Extra Info


Even though she has a bubbly personality, Aine is really impulsive, selfish, and obnoxious. She has a short temper when she doesn't get her way, and hates doing things she doesn't want to. Basically, she's a bratty 5 year old, trapped in a 19 year old's body. She is prone to using nicknames for people instead of their real name. She's a bit of a sociopath, having almost no qualms with hurting people or stealing to get whatever it is she wants. (Aoi is working on this, however.) She's driven almost entirely by the pursuit of having fun, which just happens to occasionally include mass destruction. You can't expect much from someone without a conscience. Despite this, though, she will almost always listen to Aoi (and to a slightly lesser degree Shilane), even if that means not setting fire to that totally flammable kitten.

  • Likes: Candy, Arson, Aoi
  • Dislikes: Work, Being Bored


Actually an ancient, powerful fire demon, Eddy has since been subdued by Aoi. Despite being technically enslaved by the selenite ring, he still has somewhat of a free will. He is now simply "reprogrammed" to protect Aine, and follow any orders she may have.

  • He is able to spit and manipulate fire at will.
  • He can shape-shift into any animal, although since his power is directly tied to Aine's magical ability, he can only transform into small animals, or young versions of them. He can also transform into a smoke-like substance.


Aine is from a remote village of fire worshipers. All the women in the village were sent to live in the temple, where they were taught to dance, which they believed would please the 'fire gods.' On the eve of one of their holy days, one of the priestesses mistakenly left a door open to a vault that housed many of their ancient artifacts. Curiosity got the better of Aine, and inside she found a box, that had only a black shawl and a note in it. She put on the shawl, and read the note, which, unbeknown to her, was a spell. At that instant, Aine was possessed by a demon that had been sealed in the shawl thousands of years previous.

During her initial time at The Celestial Empire, Eddy was contained to the shawl. But during a fight at the Blossom Field, Aoi had to use her spell Agrimonia, which required some of Eddy's energy. Because of this, he attached himself to Aine's right arm. The spell did its job, but Eddy's influence on Aine began to grow. During the raid on La Revolution's base, Aine met Shawn, and the two fell for each other. Later during the raid though, Aine was impaled by Xandriel's sword, nearly killing her. Even Aoi's healing magic didn't work, but Eddy had spread himself over Aine's body, desperate to keep his host alive. For a short time he had control over her body, until Aoi used a Hornbeam on him, reverting Aine back into control. It was clear that Eddy was growing stronger.

Aine, Aoi, Shawn and Dexter fled the chaos of the rebel's base crashing together. Unsure of what had happened, they travelled through Arcadia, trying to maintain a low profile. After an argument, they were discovered by Rin and Meg, however. Aine and Shawn followed the girls to Feuersturm, but Aoi remained loyal to the Empire, determined to find a way to rid Aine of Eddy.

When Aine and Aoi met back up at the Volcano, Aoi still tried to reason with Aine. It didn't work however, and after a scrap, Eddy took complete control of Aine's body. After a fight, Aoi eventually dispelled Eddy from Aine, and captured his essence in a sword made of selenite, a malleable substance that has great magical properties. The volcano erupted, and Shawn was separated from the rest. Aine is under the impression that he is dead.

After that, Aine returned to The Celestial Empire, on the condition that Aoi would keep an eye on her. Aine began to study magic. Aoi forged Aine a ring made of the selenite she trapped Eddy's essence into it. With it, Aine is able to control Eddy completely. He is now her pet.

  • For more info, it's really best to read the comics.

Round Summary

Old Aine's Grudge Match Outfit.
Old Aine's Grudge Match Outfit.

Round 11: Aine vs. 2.0

At the Venerable Forest [1]

Round 12: Aine and Aoi vs 2.0 and Gadgeteer Kenji

At the Blossom Field [2]

Round 13: Aine, Aoi, Cyborg Necromancer, Rin and Meg & the C3-S Alpha Division vs. 2.0 (Yes. Again.), Cauze, Shawn and Dexter, Corona Payton, Amy and Lucy, Xandriel, Beatrix, & Sharque and Mickey

At the Rebel Base [3]

Detached: Post Round 13


Round 14: Aine, Shawn and Dexter vs. Kensington

at the Suspension Bridge. [5]

Round 15: Aine, Shawn and Dexter vs. Fresia and Ted Helix

At the Museum. [6]

Round 16: Aine, Shawn and Dexter vs. Alex Klein and Ceiphied

At the Ruins of War. [7]

Round 17: Aine, Shawn and Dexter vs. Aoi and the Cyborg Necromancer

Eddy taking over Aine's body.
Eddy taking over Aine's body.

At the Volcano. [8]

Unity: Post Round 17


Round 18: Aine and Aoi vs. Tal Sopher

At the Highlands. [10]

Round 19: Aine, Aoi and Maja vs. Ship and Tredeciem

At the Waterfall. [11]

Round20: Aine and Aoi vs. Corona, Ambrose and Arrow

At the Convention Center. [12]

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