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Agent Red

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Agent Red.
Agent Red.

Player: Penryn88


General Info

  • Name: Celeste Adriana Red A.K.A. Agent Red, "Red", "The Kid"
  • Height: 5'5 / 1,65m
  • Weight: 105lb / 48kg
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Female
  • Personality: Sarcastic Impulsive Tomboy
  • Abilities: Heightened Senses, Agile, Master Swordsmen
  • Allegiance: The Celestial Empire (Chapter 2), Levidia (Chapter 3), The Valkyries


After being orphaned at the age of 10 Celeste was recruited by the STAEDTLER CORP, a private army/military development company. While at STAEDTLER, Celeste met her partner Bullet Face and the 2 went on many missions together. They soon became close and Celeste began to view him as a brother. Celeste eventually wanted to leave STAEDTLER and coaxed BF into joining her. STAEDTLER fearing their top agents would fall into a rival company, conspires to kill the pair. But only manages to blind Celeste in the attempt. Unaware of the plot on her life, Celeste decides to stay with STAEDTLER after they promise her that she'll "see" again so long as she'll renew her contract with them. Her new powers came with with fantastic results, but also with a hefty price.


Though Blind, she has super human senses and reflexes that verge on the precognitive. She's extremely agile and flexible and is very skilled in Close Quarters Combat, Kendo, and with many other bladed weapons.


Sometimes experiments go better than expected, this was the case with Celeste. Without a special drug called "The Sight" which is only produced and supplied by the STAEDTLER CORP, Celeste's senses become too keen and overwhelm her, causing unbearable migraines, balance loss, nausea, and vertigo.


Celeste is ambidextrous, quick tempered, and speaks with a British accent. She's known combat most of her life and was raised as a child soldier. She has worked with Bullet Face off and on for most of her career. She is fulent in several languages inculding French, Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. Though she prefers not to, she can use firearms, before she was blinded she was a crackshot. Celeste has 3 scars from her duel with MvM's Tsuim, one on her back and one on her chest (entrance and exit wound) and one on her left fore arm.


Post Round 17 Update: Agent Red was recruited into the covert STAEDTLER unit, BLACK ARROW, (other members of BLACK ARROW are still unknown). While in BLACK ARROW Celeste Learned of STAEDTLER's plot to kill her years before, she decided then to take down STAEDTLER once and for all.

Post Round 23 Update: Red Defected in the midst of the chaos caused by the battle at the FS War Factory. Soon after STAEDTLER issued a reward for her head. After making their escape from the STAEDTLER occupied War Factory, Bullet-Face and Red managed to elude the joint forces of STAEDTLER and CE by moving from place to place in a Jump Ship stolen from the FS War Factory. After the restructuring of the Arcadian government Red & Bullet began selling their unique set of skills to special interests, mainly robberies and sabotage, to fund Celeste's secret war against the STAEDTLER CORP. Eventually they found their way into Levidia where they were anonymously hired to destroy the Levitium Plant in Levitas City. After liberating several crates of the precious metal, Bullet and Red were betrayed when one of their partners prematurely detonated the plant, killing some Levidian civilians and an Arcadian Ambassador. Celeste and Bullet fled the scene, but were separated in the confusion, Celeste was captured by the Levidian authorities, when she was bludgeoned from behind and she fell unconscious. Celeste later awoke to find herself strapped to to a bed in an unknown facility, with her head shaved wearing nothing but a hospital gown. She soon learned that she was being held at a Levidian/STAEDTLER research prison, "Facility 6". it was here where she meet her bunkmate, a Special OPS C3 clone soldier deemed "defective" and was scheduled to be "put down". The two shared a strong distaste for STEADTLER and over the next few weeks got to know each other. They soon became close friends and hatched a plan to escape. After several weeks the two managed to escape during a prison transfer and made off in a STEADTLER prison ship, the two went on to form The Valkyries with the intent to put an end to the STEADTLER CORP.

STAEDTLER CORP has issued a state-wide alert: WANTED! dead or alive, $2,500,000.00 reward: Formally "Agent" Celeste Adriana Red A.K.A."Red" is considered A.W.O.L. and is wanted, for desertion, suspected espionage, and sabotage. She is extremely Dangerous, do not approach alone. Known associates: the Assassin known as, Bullet-Face, and the vampire know as, Kensington. Its believe that Celeste Red is traveling with Bullet-Face who is also extremely dangerous. Upon Capture bring Celeste Red to the main STAEDTLER office located in downtown Arcadia City, or bring "Proof of Death" to any "STAEDTLER approved" military base.

Battle History

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