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Abendstern is basically Rosenthals evil robot twin.


General Info

  • Name: „Abendstern“
  • Age: About 1 month
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 85.5 kg
  • Race: Artificial Person (Replikant Industries™ XR-105CP Human Interaction/Combat Android for Civil Protection)
  • Allegiance: ARCP (Arcadian Republic Civil Protection), Replikant Industries™, PHALANX
  • Alignment: Lawful Brutal
  • Eye colour: Cold Blue with a strange shine
  • Hair colour: Artificial Dark Blue - Black


Mean, bitter and aggressive. Hates everyone and is easily enraged. Violent and Sadistic. Abilities: The XR-105CP is a Prototype Android for use in all sections of Law Enforcement. Programmed to do any Task that could be asked of a police officer, the XR-105CP comes with such pre-installed modules as: Patrol, Traffic Police, Meter Maid, Paperwork, Crime Scene Investigation, Riot Control, SWAT, Undercover Investigation, Counter-Terrorism, Assassination, VIP Protection, Border Patrol, Breaking and Entering, Racism, Torture, First Aid and Surveillance.


Abendstern is the other of the two XR-105CP Prototype Artificial Police Officers deployed within the ARCP. She was produced simultaneously to Rosenthal, but during her production, her skull was cracked, and she has to wear a face brace to stabilize her nose and jaws. It also delayed her deployment by a month, but allowed for the addition of a PHALANX connection and the production and maintenance markings to be removed. Maybe because they keep staring and asking what’s wrong with her face, Abendstern literally hates everyone she has ever met, except maybe her twin sister, Rosenthal. Probably because of this, Abendstern takes pleasure in the suffering of others, and gratuitously abuses her position as a police officer to bring it unto as many people as possible. She apparently does lots of top secret work for PHALANX, and thus enjoys a sort of unofficial political immunity, which explains how she keeps getting away with all the police brutality she hands out. Naturally a loner, she secretly admires Rosenthal, who she sees as a big sister. However, in a misguided effort to impress Rosenthal, she usually ends up being mean and condescending to her.


  • Can replace her limbs if they are damaged
  • Developed and Produced by Replikant Industries™
  • Her Blood is opaque white
  • Usually virtually indistinguishable from a real human
  • She can connect to the PHALANX network neurally anywhere in Arcadia City.
  • She has to wear a special face brace to keep her nose and jaw in place
  • Carries a stun baton labelled "Lawyer"
  • To protect her synthetic skeleton, she usually wears a special set of body braces (but she doesn’t like them)
  • Like Rosenthal, she should sleep every now and then, but usually doesn’t. She often ends up sleeping in her car.
  • Hates everyone
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