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2.0 ready to shoot his pistol
2.0 ready to shoot his pistol

Status - Deceased

Name - 2.0 (known as Subject 2.0 by CGN Labs), Real Name "Dave"

Age - Unkown

Height - 5'10" (178 cm)

Allegiance - La Revolution

Race - Human/Cyborg/Quandry



2.0 is a science experiment of the Celestial Empire's science facility Cybernecro (CGN Labs). He is an upgraded, free thinking, version of a QUANDRY, thus, version 2.0. Unlike previous versions of the quandry, much of his human mind is left in-tact, with the exception of his memory. With the help of Mei he was able to escape the confines of the secret lab he was being held at. (That's right... Mei. From the Celestial Empire) He sought refuge with La Revolution.

In Round 12, 2.0 regained his memory thanks to the effects of Aoi's hornbeam spell. He discovered that his real name was Dave, and that the Cyborg Necromancer had previously been in contest with him for becoming the head of CGN Labs. In order to win, the Cyborg Necromancer had Dave's family killed in front of him by feeding them to a horde of hungry zombies. After that, his memory was stripped away and he was turned into the machine known as QUANDRY version 2.0.

In Round 13, 2.0 was killed by the C3-S, Barachial, who used the CNN Floatbots to track 2.0 while his invisibility was active. He was shot down and killed on impact. After only a moment, he rose up again as a zombie. Eventually zombie 2.0 was decapitated by Corona Payton, and his head was taken back to CGN Labs by the Cyborg Necromancer for further experimentation.


2.0 is only armed with 3 weapons that he keeps on him at all times.

1- A sword. There isn't really anything special about this sword other than the fact that it is unbreakable.

2. A pistol with a suppressor. What spy would be complete without a suppressed pistol?

3. A sniper rifle with an attached shotgun modification.


2.0 is most useful when he is in a stealth situation. He is excellent at sneaking and infultrating. He can go unnoticed by hiding in the shadows, shooting out lights, moving through air vents, and walking quietly. His mind is patched directly into his cybernetic upgrades. Just by thinking it, he can activate any of his special abilities... it's no different than moving your arm or talking. These abilites are as follows:

Vitals/Statistics reading - He can scan a person to tell certain things, like if they are lying, how fast their heart is beating, how much blood they have lost, etc...

Hologram Projection - He can produce holographic images of himself that move around freely and independently. These holograms are unable to make sound, but he can produce as many of them as he wants.

Visors - His helmet is equipped with multiple extra visors, including IR/Thermal Vision and Night Vision.

Hypermode - Hypermode allows 2.0 to move at an accelerated speed for a limited time. During which, he can flee from an enemy, take down an enemy, or just simply toy with an enemy all by moving faster than his enemy can even comprehend.

Invisibility - Probably every secret agent and ninja's dream is to have the ability to truly become invisible. 2.0 has such an upgrade. He can activate his invisibility for as long as he wants with nothing more than a thought.


Although he is a super bad-ass cyborg ninja who kicks much ass, he isn't perfect. One of his biggest weaknesses is his past. Ever since he regained his memory, he has been haunted by his past, seeking revenge on the Cyborg Necromancer. Another weakness is his Hypermode. Although he kicks much ass while using it, when it wares off is another story. It only lasts so long, and when it wares off he is so worn out he can barely move... usually he falls to his hands and knees. It takes time for him to re-energize himself. How long it takes him to re-energize depends on how long he used hypermode for. It has a maximum of 5 minutes of use, but even if he shuts it off before his 5 minutes are up, he still needs to rest. Also, there is a weakness with his invisibility... It only makes him invisible to the naked eye... he can still be touched, or detected by IR/Thermal vision. Finally, there is a weakness with his holograms. Since they are only holograms, they can not actually touch anything, because they aren't really there. So, therefore, they can not do damage to anyone, or take damage.

Related Characters

Dr. Binz - NPC

The scientist formerly employed by CGN Labs who developed subject 2.0 based on the "quandry" which was developed by Dr. Dastard. Dr. Binz is a strange man, hopelessly devoted to his work and nothing else. He often stays at the lab for weeks on end with little to no sleep and works feverishly on his experiments. 2.0 killed Dr. Binz while escaping the lab... or did he? Dr. Binz appeared briefly with Cyborg Necromancer at the end of Round 13, waking up subject 3.0. For more information, see Dr. Binz's wiki page.

Subject 1.5 - Deceased

An earlier model of 2.0. His hands were replaced with a sword and a gun. His costume was nearly identical to that of 2.0, but it was white with blue accents. Although he was of very similar design, he was flawed. He had no invisibility or hologram projector, and was under the mental control of The Celestial Empire (no free will). He was dubbed a failure and taken offline. With his dying words, a decoy of Dr. Binz reactivated Subject 1.5 to keep 2.0 from escaping, but 1.5 lost this battle and was decapitated. For more information, see the QUANDRY page.

Mei/May - Inactive - The Celestial Empire

Character created by user:Sin. A 13 year old girl who thinks she's tough shit. She was given the assignment to free 2.0 from the confines of Dr. Binz's lab while covering up any evidence that his escape was a set-up. May and 2.0 developed a somewhat close relationship with each other during her assignment, and she often referred to him as "Dave".

Cyborg Necromancer - Active - The Celestial Empire

Character created by user:Ben. He was Dr. Binz's superior, calling the shots of 2.0's development from behind the veil. He was in on the plan to allow 2.0 to escape but was unaware of the details until they unfolded (Dr. Binz's death, the destruction of the lab, etc...). Since the plan was for 2.0 to join La Revolution, he ordered Dr. Binz to install a camera and transmitter into 2.0's visor, but after 2.0's escape, he was unable to access the video feed. That is, until CE's forces reached LR's fortress, the Rebel Base. The signal was designed to be repeated and transmitted by CNN floatbots. During the siege on the Rebel Base in Round 13, The Cyborg Necromancer and other CE operatives were able to use these floatbots to track 2.0, as well as create a map of the base before the attack. After 2.0's death, the Cyborg Necromancer took 2.0's decapitated head back to CGN Labs to develop 3.0.

The Celestial - Deceased - Overlord of The Celestial Empire

Although The Celestial was not personally a member of 2.0's development team, he often spoke to Dr. Binz directly while (poorly) disguising his identity as a shadowy devil figure. He monitored 2.0's development personally (via live video feed). It was by his request that The Cyborg Necromancer create a spy to infiltrate La Revolution's base as one of their own, but the idea to make 2.0 unaware that he is a spy was The Cyborg Necromancer's idea, as was most of 2.0's design and development.


Q - What is a QUANDRY?

A - A creation posted by Dx2 - Apparently created by Dr. Dastard while he was with Cybernecro/CGN Labs. A quandry is a person-turned-machine. They are experimental weapons with no mind left to speak of. For more details, see QUANDRY.

Q - What is Cybernecro?

A - Also known as CGN Labs, Cybernecro is a weapons manufacturer and research and development company for many scientific experiments that is run by high ranking officials within The Celestial Empire. For more details, see the CGN Labs page.

Q - Does the Cyborg Necromancer get royalty checks for his cameos?

A - Yes.

Q - Does 2.0 have lungs/stomach/bowels/eyes/a face/etc?

A - Although he is a reanimated human, 2.0 is now mostly machine. All that remains of his human body is his lungs, heart, blood, circulatory system, head, spinal cord, and brain. His brain, however, has a lot of circuitry and wires connected to it so he can interface with his robotic body/upgrades in a natural motion that is no more difficult for him than breathing or walking. His head is mostly in tact, with the exception of the top and back of his skull, and his helmet is permanently attached to his head. If his helmet were to somehow be removed, 2.0 would most likely die because everything that connects his brain to his body is located inside that helmet.

Q - Why couldn't the Cyborg Necromancer connect to 2.0's video feed at the end of the backstory comic?

A - 2.0's video feed was active all along, however the wireless signal transmitting the feed was too weak to reach Celestial Tower on its own. Apparently, Dr. Binz had programmed the signal to be repeated by CNN Floatbots. The closer CE's forces got to LR's base, the stronger the signal became. Once CE had reached territories next to LR's base, the signal was being repeated properly and could be viewed from any CNN floatbot screen.

Q - What happened to 2.0's memory?

A - Cover Up Story -It is a standard procedure of Cybernecro to erase the memory of the deceased before reanimating them if the subject will remember their death. 2.0 was a soldier who died in combat, so he would remember his death. The body cannot function without the mind, and if the mind thinks the body is dead it will reject reanimation, or become a zombie. The solution is to erase the memory specific to dying, but it is impossible to isolate and erase only desired memories. The only way around this is to erase the subject's entire memory, but this poses another problem: How would one remember speech, motor skills, and other necessary memories? The solution is a device developed by Cybernecro that is connected to the memory core of the brain. They call it "The Vital Memory Database" or VMD. It stores the vital memories necessary for human interaction and survival, and communicates with the brain, tricking it into thinking these memories are actual memories of the memory core itself. The result of a full memory wipe and the installation of the VMD is equivalent to amnesia.

Actual Story - 2.0's memory was wiped on purpose to cover up the dark deeds that lead to his creation. He was in fact NOT a dead soldier, but a scientist who was experimented on while still alive. (see top of page)

Battle History and Side Comics

Backstory (comic) [1]

Round 11 - against Patent Pending's "Aine" [2]

Round 12 - teamed with Kenji-san's "Gadgeteer Kenji" against Horokeh's "Aoi" and Patent Pending's "Aine" [3]

Side story - Kites & Revenge(comic) [4]

Round 13 - teamed with Team Burning Vigour against CACA [5]

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