Some people may experience discomfort or seizures
when exposed to certain lights, patterns or images.
If you experience any unusual symptoms while playing,
please immediately stop playing.

During Cutscenes
Many cutscenes in SIGNALIS feature rapid cuts between
black, intense red, and sometimes bright images.

During Gameplay
The "Stun Prod" tool creates a rapid bright strobing effect when used.
When a gun is fired, a bright flash appears from the muzzle.
The SMG gun emits a strobing muzzle flash.
Some lights in the game emit a subtle, high-frequency flickering light.
One enemy type floods the screen with white and red text and glitches of various sizes that flickers and flashes.

Some cutscenes contain rapid cuts.
When enemies are alerted, they emit a piercing scream.

Some parts of this game may be considered violent or cruel.
SIGNALIS features frequent violence or gore, general mature content.

The following list might not cover all aspects present in the game.
Please highlight the block with your cursor to read the contents
(contains mild spoilers):
Themes of sickness and death:
Death, loss of a loved one, sickness, euthanasia, suicidal ideation.
Themes of mental health:
Depression, suicidal ideation, bullying/abuse, trauma, loss of identity, memory loss, feeling of otherness, isolation.
Low-poly pixel art/hand-drawn violence and gore:
Spraying blood, pooling of blood, dismemberment, dead Replika bodies, cutting of meat, puking of worms, knife stabbed/embedded into head/eye (eye not shown), character shot with gun, head impaled with spears, characters pushed from ledges, violent kicking/stomping of helpless body, squirming bodies, stylized immolation, references to torture and cruelty.